About Eid ul Adha

This page defines the story of Prophet Abraham A.S. and purpose of Qurbani about eid ul Adha 2020.

1 of the major testing of Abrahim's growth was to face the law of ALLAH by giving his lovely son. In Islam Hazrat Abrahim kept having view that he was sacrificing his son Ismael. Abrahim knew that this was a order from ALLAH and he told his Son, as written in the QURAN PAK "O'' Son, I keep dreaming that I am massacre you. Ismael replied " Father, do what you are tidy to do." Abraham ready to submit to the will and order of God and ready to slaughter his son as an act of loyalty and obedience to God.

During this preparation the Devil tempted Abraham and his family by trying to dissuade them from lift out ALLAH'S commandment, and Abraham drove Satan away by throwing slab at him. In tribute of their rejection of Satan, stones are thrown at symbolic support .Stoning of the shatan during Hajj. Acknowledging that Abrahim was prepared to gave what is dear to him. ALLAH the Almighty gave respect both Abrahim and Ismael. Hazrat Jibreel called Abrahim "O'' Ibrahim, you have fulfilled the floks and a Ram from heaven was offered by Hazrat Jibreel to prophet Abrahim to slaughter instead of Ismael.

Muslims worldwide celebrate Eid ul Adha to commemorate both the devotion of Abrahim and the survival of Ismael.The purpose of Qurbani or offering in Eid ul- Adha is not about dropping of blood just to satisfy Allah. It is about sacrificing something devotees love the most to show their sincerity to Allah. It is also compulsory to give the meat of the sacrificed animal in 3 equivalent parts for family, folks and friends and needy people. The celebration has a clear message of devotion, kindness,sincerity and equality. It is said that the meat will not reach to Allah nor will the blood but what reaches him is the sincerity of devotees.

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