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Best Holidays For Kids

In the winter Lapland is a favourite for families and children. Instead of sticking around the United Kingdom hoping for a white Christmas, why not fly to this Finnish place where snow is almost guaranteed? Little ones will see Santa, participate in elf-run games, and even climb on a sleigh pulled by a reindeer. However, there is plenty to love for grown-ups too. Skiing, snowmobiling, and camping are all on the cards, and you may be able to see the Northern Lights in some resorts.

There’s a range of resorts to choose from. Rovaniemi has plenty of restaurants and stores and a vibrant nightlife scene. Kuusamo, Yllas, and Levi are your best bet if you’re after snow-focused activities. And Luosto and Hetta are very quiet-at some times of the year the Northern Lights can be seen here. The Snow Elf Hotel & Apartments in Yllas boasts an indoor swimming pool and daily trips to Captain T’s favourite little ones.

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