Big Cat Sanctuary

Meet the most endangered cats in the world from your own two or four adults’ shelter – including feeding experience, dinner and more Take a walk on the wild side and experience the beautiful scenery of the animal sanctuary at the Great Temple Temple, which is run by a leading conservation charity in rural Kent.

Home to over 50 cats that live in 15 different species (including Willow and Maya, known for their appearance on Big Two Cats About the House), this amazing night stay will take you to the special plains of Africa, China and beyond, without having to step outside of the UK. The work of a charitable organization in the organization that offers Big Cat, breeding, saving and education will benefit from your stay in the sanctuary and other charitable donations. Your stay begins with a glass of bubbly welcome followed by afternoon tea, before being given a guided tour of The Big Cat Sangment by one of the team. You will learn about local and overseas relief projects, and will be introduced to all of your wonderful residents as you move around the sanctuary.

You will have the opportunity to interact with young cats, look for advisory feeds and health checks. After your day of reception, you’ll have a pre-dinner drink and relax in the gym where you can watch the antics of the African lion brothers, while the on-site chef prepares a delicious dinner. At the end of the day, retire to your luxury home and listen to the roaring lions all night. In the morning, enjoy a full English breakfast and end your experience by meeting all the feline residents and eating the most memorable – a chance to give one of the big cats a try. He will leave with precious memories and the knowledge that he has once again been a generous supporter of his efforts to protect some of the world’s most beautiful species.

The Big Cat Sanctuary

Big Cat Smiled… “Protection for ourselves. Providing a future for the foremost beautiful and endangered cats within the world … Home to over 50 cats including African Lions, Sumatran Tiger, Jaguars, Amur Leopards and Snow Leopards just to call a couple of , it’s located within the heart of rural Kent.

The 32-hectare complex began as a refuge for giant herds that had been rescued from low-income households, the world has now become a tract and breeding grounds for its wildlife habitat. Our four pillars of ethics are welfare, breeding, saving and education.

Big Cat Sanctuary Kent

The Big Cat Catalog will reopen the doors of its annual open days by 2020 – dates are now guaranteed and tickets are due for sale before Christmas. Make sure you don’t miss out, keep the ticket release dates as they go by fast! Get up and look directly at the great cows, including Maya the Jaguar and Willow the Cheetah, stars of the BBC2 Big Cats program about the house. Enjoy a full and informative day for the whole family, there is so much to see and do. Visit for more information of the big cat sanctuary kent.

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