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By | May 15, 2020

Cat protection or Kittens Care is the UK’s largest feline welfare charity Thanks to over 200,000 cats and cats each year to our network of over 250 volunteer branches and over 30 centers. These include the Charity Gate’s main adoption center in Chelwood Gate, Sussex, where you can find our administrative offices. The protection of cats is governed by a board of trustees, which advises the designated representatives of the charity membership on its decisions. Visit for further information.

Cat Protection Glasgow

The Cats Protection Glasgow Branch saves and relocates more than 300 homes annually, and provides assistance at the expense of over 450 cats and cats. The branch is self-funded and should raise an additional $ 50,000 a year to provide food, shelter and pet care for cats in the cats we care for. Our branch is managed by volunteers.

It is our policy not to sleep a healthy cat and to believe that there is a new, loving home elsewhere for each cat we own. Please consider making a donation to help cats in our care. Or maybe you would like to sponsor one of our long-lived cats in the care details are here. Visit for further information.

Cat Protection Society

Cat Protection is a registered unit that has been caring for cats since 1958. It started out as a small group of volunteers worried about the plight of street cats and grew into a comprehensive health organization that includes a shelter with cats and cats Community outreach programs such as desexing and vaccination; educational and information resources; and awareness and policy work.

Cat Protection depends on the giving and willingness to do its job. The Cat Protection website has more information on cat health, well-being and well-being. Details on desexing and cat testing have been translated into five public languages: Korean; Hindi, Simplified Chinese; Vietnamese; and Arabic. There are also videos including Auslan translator. The Good Neighbor Project is an umbrella for the Cat Cats ownership program.

Includes resources for cat owners such as sheets for the fact that you can build a cat fence; how to keep indoor cats happy and healthy; a video about the health and well-being benefits of age-based prosecution; and community events and programs like Desexing and vaccination. An approved CPD-disexing early childhood training package for veterinarians is available for free on the Cat Protection website for people working with cats: Cat Protection is a member of ISFM and is proud to support the Sydney University of Veterinary Science, by contributing over $ 200,000 to infectious disease research in the past years.

Cat Protection League Edinburgh

We are pleased to announce that just a couple of months ago another new charity, Rescue, has joined Scottish Pets. they’re the Edinburgh Cats Protection League. They were founded 70 years ago and are helping cats ever since! In their words: The Edinburgh Cat Protection League was founded 70 years ago by a gaggle of Edinburgh girls who are concerned about the amount of missing and unwanted cats in Edinburgh.

We are an independent and financially dedicated Scottish charity (charity number SCO14916) that can’t accept a current owner dedicated to the welfare of cats or cats. The cat protection edinburgh is chaired by a volunteer committee and staffed by a veterinarian for the care of cats.

” you’ll visit their website: to know more about Edinburgh Cat Protection League.

Cats Protection Adopt A Cat

All cats and cats are adopted from the Cats Protection League Cattery at 14 Charlesworth Street. Cattle are often contacted by phone: 03 384 0006. Although we are happy to inquire online and by phone, potential recipients must visit the cattle before adoption. Our experienced livestock staff and volunteers love helping people find the proper cat, and that we want to form sure our cats and kittens are well-suited to their prospective owners.

We pride ourselves on matching cats to people, and that we don’t act sort of a mercantile establishment or pet store on behalf of our cats – allowing any animal to travel along side the primary person who comes along. Our re-homing staff carefully matches the requirements of our cats with any viewpoint owner, keeping the requirements of the cats our first and foremost responsibility.

Since we are protectors, a number of our cats need special care, or shame, and a few homes aren’t appropriate. regardless of how honest you’re with us, good match! Complete alittle adoption form outlining the principles for adopting a cat from the CPL during the homing process, and meeting most of the family’s cats, especially children living with a cat or kitten. The re-homing staff will introduce you to cats and show you around cattle.

If you’ve got a dog, you would like to urge the dog into the cat before we allow anything to be adopted. this is often to not judge your dog, but to watch cats ’reactions. within the past we’ve seen inappropriate cats go accept a dog (not by us). This caused the cat to become too stressed, it could rip an excessive amount of fur, attempt to escape the dog, or hurt the cat inappropriately. We believe the standard of lifetime of our cats and check out to be as fair to them as possible. you’ll wait until you discover a cat that’s curious about you to schedule your dog to be delivered to the vet.

If we believe that the cat you’re curious about doesn’t suit your circumstances, we’ll allow you to know. Our cats’ needs always come first so please do not be offended if we reject you for a specific cat. there’ll always be good reason. additionally , if adoption doesn’t work for any reason, the CPL will always back the cat. Visit for details.

Cat Protection Belfast

The Cats Protection charity is urging adoption of the cat as “a particularly busy cat season.” The charity’s Belfast Adoption Center recently picked up over 40 unwanted cats over 100 cats. Center manager Bell Livingstone said the charity is struggling to seek out new owners and grow homes for little bundles of fur.

 One of the cats waiting to be rehearsed was rescued from inside the wall by Cats Protection and Westland firehouse at Macavity, Ardoyne Sports and Social Club. Ms Livingstone has urged cat owners to stay their pet neutral because an unborn female cat can produce up to 18 cats a year.

Cat Protection Fife

Cats Protection – Five East Nook Registered Charity no. 203644 (England & Wales) SC037711 (Scotland) In the case of coronavirus (COVID-19), the protection of cats is halting certain activities, including cat homing and incidents. Cats cannot be taken except in emergencies. Visit for updates. Covering the Tee Bridge, around the coast to Kinghorn and inland to Cardenden and Strathmiglo. The department’s policy is to keep a healthy cat never sleeping.

They believe that every cat will always have a suitable home, and there are usually a lot of cute cats looking for new homes. Adopt a cat: Contact the department to ask about cats that need homes. Help! Volunteers Needed: Most volunteers are always welcome. Help! Fosterers Needed: The Branch would love to hear from anyone who has a place for a cat pen in their garden, they may be interested in becoming a cat breeder, ‘between homes’ for cats. Tel: 01592 362 762 Website: National CP Helpline: 03000 12 12 12 Cats Protection – West Fife Registered Charity no. 203644 (England & Wales) SC037711 (Scotland) In the case of coronavirus (COVID-19), the protection of cats is halting certain activities, including cat homing and incidents.

Cats cannot be taken except in emergencies. Visit for updates. Located in Dunfermline. Cats Care – West Fife has cats of various ages in foster homes and caters, looking for loving homes. Nutrition Assistance: If you would like help with neutering your cats and cats (under 16 weeks old), please contact the department as follows. Lost & Found Register: Lost or found cats in this area can be displayed on the Branch Facebook page.

Please note: Consultation for this branch is currently through Headquarters: FIFE CAT SHELTER (FIFE CAT RESCUE) Scottish Registered Charity no. SCO 21654 Fife cover, and occasionally the surrounding area. The Fife Cat Shelter reintroduces an average of 450 cats and cats each year. Cats check health and stay neutral before heading back home. Elderly cats are difficult to re-start, but shelter keeps them out as long as they are taken. The Fife Cat Shelter always tries to match the cat and owner as closely as possible. Cat owners are also advised of all aspects of cat ownership. If you want to save a cat (or two), call them! Adopt a cat: Contact the shelter as follows to ask about cats that need homes.

Nutrition Assistance: Provides financial assistance to shelter owners to spend their cats on a neutral basis. Help! Quality Goods Needed: Shelter is always grateful for good quality items to sell for Tombola gifts and funds. Tel: 01383 830286 Email: Website: Help five animals Scottish Registered Charity no. SCO23126 Located in Leslie. Rescuing and relaunching dogs and cats since 1994, they now neutralize and reintroduce 500 animals each year.

If you can provide a loving home for one of their animals, or would like to volunteer your help, from fundraising to encouragement, they would love to hear from you. Adopt a Cat: Contact the Rehoming Center below to ask about cats that need homes. Tel: 01592 620300 Email: Website: Inverness Cat Rescue Based in Kinmilles, Inverness covers the area. Inverness Cat Rescue is set up to protect unwanted and stray cats and kittens in the Inverness area and to bring them back home.

They have 20 years of experience in dealing with the welfare and rehabilitation of needy cats / cats and specialize in hand-raising of orphaned cats; They have successfully raised many litters since their birth.  For Further details, visit

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