Cat Rescue

The aim of the organization Yorkshire cat Rescue is to protect the lives of demand for fewer cats and kittens. All cats are provided with the food, love, shelter, and pet care needed until they find a forever loving home. They are cared for by many of our guards across Yorkshire or at our center in Keighley.

All cats in our care are neutral, microchipped, vaccinated, and given any other behavioral therapy required before re-admission. We have a policy of not killing (unless recommended by vets because of the quality of life). This means that sometimes we get very sick cats (or kittens) that can keep up a good life (very similar to another healthy cat) but they have to have the long treatment and/or treatment.

Any cat in our care will be taken care of until we find her a home. The purpose of the charity is to relieve the suffering of cats that want care and attention, and, in especially, the provision or care of shelter homes or other advantages to adopt and look after of such unwanted animals and their treatment. Register with the Charity Commission under the charity number 1160138.

This Team Cat Rescue organization is a co-worker of The National Council for Voluntary Org (NCVO). This organization is a Fundraising Regulator and is a co-worker of the center of Fundraising. Yorkshire Centre is also a co-worker of The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH). Yorkshire Cat Rescue (Trading Business) Ltd Yorkshire Cat Rescue (Trading Enterprise) Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yorkshire Cat Rescue and is available to run charity shops. Annual reports are generated at Companies House (Company number 7518205).

Cat Rescue Near Me

Feline Rescue U.K. (formerly known as Feline Lost And Found) started as a register of lost animals in the Luton and Dunstable areas. It soon emerged that there was nowhere to be searched for cats, something had to be done and from two lists found in Luton dustbin in an organization that has saved thousands of cats over 20 years, Feline Rescue was born.

Feline Rescue Purpose Helping unwanted and abandoned cats find good homes Helping outdoor cats stop unwanted kittens Helping prevent cruelty to cats Teaching people why their cats are neutral To help with small feral colonies: Trap, inside and back Feeding them where possible Obtaining veterinary care when needed Feline Cat Rescue is fully supported by community donations.

We are always looking for volunteers, or for a few hours a month. We especially need volunteers to raise and provide a temporary home for our rescue cats. We accept any donations of used clothing or bedding, cat food, or items we can sell at our stores. All the money raised goes towards the care of our furry friends.

Lothian Cat Rescue

Lothian Cat Rescue says, we also keep close to 1,000 cats and cats every year, costing more than $ 100,000 annually for food, litter, and vets. As a result of our work many cats, we take care of requiring veterinary care and in some cases intensive care. All of our cats are neutral and bloated before rehabilitation; that is why animal money is a huge expense.

Fortunately, our vets give us special rates for admission. Most of our cats live with us in our shelter. However we recognize that the shelter environment is not the best place for some of our guests, and we are fortunate to have a group of aliens who look for those cats that need attention from individuals – such as pregnant cats and nurses, elderly cats, long-term medicine and those with serious behavioral problems.

Lothian Cat Rescue also intends to resolve the issues of feral cats by catching, isolating/releasing them before releasing them back to their previous location. Usually, we are told about feral cats in areas planned for construction activities and asked to relocate. Our main funds are raised through our store, our running bazaars, and Open Days, as well as an annual raffle, supporters, and sponsorships and donations.

Many of our supporters collect merchandise for repurposing or producing materials, plants, and baked goods for sale at our events. There are so many sad stories involved in animal rescue and our goal is to make sure that many of our stories have happy endings, domestic cats, and cats that go to good long-term housing and eventually get to all four paws!

New Start Cat Rescue

New Start Cat Rescue is a small independent charity based near Gloucester and used by volunteers. They are a nonprofit organization which is based in Huntley, Gloucestershire, they cover a wide area of ​​the West of the U.K. These include Gloucester, Dean’s Forest, Ross in Wye, Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Cotswolds, Stroud, Cirencester, Swindon, Ledbury, and Malvern.

Their goals are Rescue and rescue cats and unwanted servants of any age Finding suitable homes for our pet cats and promoting responsible cat ownership Looking for new homes to be appropriate Give advice when needed Promoting the outing of cats To promote the neutrality of all cats and cats Promoting standard / complex immunization programs To make cats careless and find homes for them as working cats At New Start they believe every cat deserves a loving home.

Cat And Rabbit Rescue

The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Center helps, helps, and regenerates more than a thousand cats, rabbits, and gear pigs each year. Without our support, many animals roam the streets outside the home and are born with uncontrollable numbers.

Our mission statement: The Cats & Rabbit Rescue Center caters for unwanted, abandoned, and stray cats, kittens, rabbits, and guinea pigs and gives them good health until they can find a loving, lasting home for themselves. Educate the public about the ownership of well-behaved animals. Eliminate impartial breeding by promoting the neutrality of all pets, including mussels. Alert and assist the public in the clean management of feral cats.

Cat Rescue Dorset


Registered Charity Organization 248616

Importing cats, rabbits, small animals, and birds (including battery chickens). All cats will not be taken before they are sent back.

Adopt a Cat: Contact the re-entry center as below to ask about cats in need of homes.

Required Assistance: Available on the payment of neutral and standard taxes for those in the low-income area.

Rehabilitation Center: Animal Rehabilitation Center in Taylor, Kingston Maurward, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 8PY.

Tel: 01305259672


Website: Cruelty Line: 0300 1234 999 (24 hours), or visit the advice: RSPCA Help & Advice


Registered Charity Organization 248617 Based in Poole.

Adopt a Cat: Contact the branch as below to inquire about cats in need of homes. Tel: 01202 890415


Cruelty Line: 0300 1234 999 (24 hours), or visit the advice: RSPCA Help & Advice

Somerset & Dorset Animal Rescue

Based Cats in Wincanton. The nonprofit organization improves the health of unwanted animals. Rescue treats animals of all shapes and sizes; cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, and farm animals, and find them fond of new homes. This organization works voluntarily and relies on community donations to support their work

Adopt a Cat: See Cats By Getting To This Shelter

Rescue and Recovery Center: Balsam Farm, Common Road, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 9RB

Tel: 07971079249



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