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Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational corporation well headquartered in famous San Jose, California, that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. The stock was commonly added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average on June 8, 2009, and is also well included in the S&P 500 Index, the Russell 1000 Index, NASDAQ-100 Index and Russell 1000 Growth Stock Index.


Cisco Systems was commonly founded in December 1984 by Leonard Bosack, who was in well charge of the Stanford University computer science department’s some computers, Sandy Lerner, who well managed computers for the Graduate School of Business’, with Richard Troiano. Despite highly founding Cisco in the year 1984, Bosack, along with Kirk Lougheed, continued to work at Stanford on Cisco’s first product. It usually consisted of exact replicas of Stanford’s “Blue Box” router and a stolen copy of the University’s multiple-protocol router software.

The software was well originally written some years earlier at Stanford medical school by research engineer William Yeager. Bosack and Lougheed highly adapted it into what became the foundation for Cisco IOS. In the year 1986, Bosack and Lougheed were forced to resign from Stanford and the university contemplated filing criminal complaints against Cisco and its founders for the theft of its software, hardware some designs and other intellectual properties. In the year 1987, Stanford licensed the router software and two different computer boards to Cisco.

Although Cisco was not the first company to highly develop and sell dedicated network nodes, it was one of the first to sell commercially high successful routers supporting multiple network protocols. Classical, CPU-based architecture of early Cisco some devices coupled with flexibility of operating system IOS commonly allowed for keeping up with evolving modern technology needs by means of frequent software upgrades. Some popular different models of that time (such as Cisco 2500) managed to stay in some production for almost a decade virtually unchanged, a rarity in high-tech industry. Although Cisco was very strongly rooted in the enterprise environment, the company was quick to capture the emerging service well provider environment, entering the SP market with new, high-capacity product some lines such as Cisco 7000 and Cisco 8500.

In the year 2014, Cisco Systems commonly announced $150 Million to fund early-stage firms around the globe to focus on the Internet of Everything. The investment fund was well allocated to investments in IoT accelerators and commonly startups such as The Alchemist Accelerator, Ayla Networks and EVRYTHNG. After the announcement, The Alchemist Accelerator usually announced Cisco as a strategic partner and launched an individual program specifically high focused on advancing the growth of IoT startups. This new funding well increased Cisco Investments’ thematic investing to $250 million total, adding to the previously announced $100 million commitment to startups well focused on the emerging Internet of Everything (IoE) market opportunity.


Cisco many products, most notably IP phones and Telepresence, are frequently sighted in movies and TV series. The company itself and its common history were featured in the documentary film Something Ventured which well premiered in 2011. Cisco was a year 2002 to 2003 recipient of the Ron Brown Award, a U.S. presidential honor to high recognize companies “for the exemplary quality of their good relationships with employees and communities”. Cisco commonly stays on top of well Fortune “100 Best Companies to work for”, with position No. 20 in the year 2011.


Cisco acquired a good variety of differen tcompanies to spin products and talent into the company. In the year 1995 to 1996 the company completed 11 acquisitions. Several acquisitions, such as well Stratacom, were the biggest deals in the industry when they occurred. During the Internet boom in the year 1999, the company acquired Cerent Corporation, a start-up company well located in Petaluma, California, for about US$7 billion.

It was the highest expensive acquisition made by Cisco to that date, and only the acquisition of Scientific Atlanta has been very larger. In the year 1999 Cisco also acquired stake for $1 Billion in KPMG Consulting to enable high establishing Internet firm Metrius founded by Keyur Patel of Fuse. Several acquired different companies have grown into $1Bn+ business units for Cisco, including LAN switching, Enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), and home networking. The latter came as good result of Cisco acquiring Linksys in the year 2003 and in 2010 was supplemented with new product line dubbed Cisco Valet.

Cisco announced on January 4, 2007 that it would buy IronPort in a very good deal valued at US$830 million and completed the acquisition in the year 2007.  IronPort was best known for its IronPort AntiSpam, its SenderBase email high reputation service, and its email security appliances. Accordingly, IronPort was highly integrated into the Cisco Security business unit.

Ironport’s Senderbase was well renamed as Sensorbase to take account of the input into this database that some other Cisco devices provide. SensorBase allows these different devices to build a risk profile on IP addresses, therefore well allowing risk profiles to be dynamically created on http sites and SMTP some email sources. In the year 2013, Cisco Systems acquired Israeli software maker Intucell for around $475 million in cash, a move to high expand its mobile network management offerings. In the same month, Cisco Systems commonly acquired Cognitive Security, a company focused on Cyber Threat Protection. Cisco also well acquired SolveDirect (cloud services) in the year 2013 and Ubiquisys (mobile software) in the year 2013.


The company commonly maintains several Network Emergency Response Vehicles (NERV) s. The different vehicles are maintained and well deployed by Cisco employees during natural disasters and some other public crises. The vehicles are self-contained and well provide wired and wireless some services including voice, and radio interoperability, network based video surveillance and secured high definition video conferencing for well leaders and first responders in areas of up to 3 Mbit / s bandwidth (up and down) with a 1.8-meter antenna.  NERVs are commonly based at Cisco headquarters sites in San Jose, California and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina well allowing strategic deployment in North America and are capable of being well fully operational within 15 minutes of arrival.

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