Disney Halloween Cruise | Disney Cruise Halloween party

Disney Halloween Cruise

Seasonal cruises are all family tricks and treats! Experience shows, parties, decorations, food on the theme, sing-alongs, ghost stories, and a spooky Halloween tree! Gest5

Halloween and Disney-since peanut butter and jelly, there hasn’t been such a perfect combination. Disney does the right to Halloween. All the Disney cruise ships celebrate Halloween on the High Seas beginning in September and going through Halloween itself.

 The ships are furnished and the feature event is the Halloween Tree, which sits prominently in each ship’s atrium.

Mickey’s Mouse-charade Party where you can play fun Halloween games, trick or treat, dance, and meet Disney characters dressed in their costumes for Halloween.

You will take part in several smaller activities during the trip, including pumpkin carving, ghost stories, and mask making. Before Christmas, you will watch the ever-popular The Nightmare, and then meet the main characters, Jack and Sally.

 Only for the adults, there is also a special costume contest!

Most guests want to get into the spirit and decorate their cabin doors with their best and most imaginative decorations for Halloween. And if you love Halloween and Disney this is certainly a great cruise for you.

Every fall, Disney Cruise Line gets into the Halloween spirit with special cruises on the High Seas celebrating Halloween. While the cruise itineraries differ significantly from year to year, you can find Halloween celebrations on all Disney ships and routes from the Caribbean to Canada between September and October.

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