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Puppies are for sale locally Are you close to sponsoring puppies? Farms across Europe graze puppies at alarming rates, in horrific conditions and transported to homes in the UK for sale.

These seemingly ordinary homes are a storehouse of rings for innocent children who want to sell you an animal that might get sick and suffer. Tips for seeing puppy sellers online Traders use the internet to make their profits when it comes to marketing and selling puppies on the farm.

Eighty-seven percent of the child-friendly trade calls we receive are related to animals purchased online. If you want to buy puppies make sure you read the ads carefully and pay attention to the signs of being told:

  • Marketers can use the same number of contacts in more than one ad. Try Googling this number to see if it has been used in any other puppy ads.
  • Descriptions may have been copied and pasted and used in more than one ad – try Googling the description and see if you’ve ever used it before, word for word.
  • Words like ‘miniature’ and ‘teacup’ can be a sign that consumers are trying to make money with popular names.
  • Images of puppies may have been used in some advertisements. Right-click an image, select ‘Google search by image’ and see if it has been used in other ads.
  • If the ad says the child is vaccinated – check how old he or she is. The bedbug cannot be vaccinated before four – six weeks. So, if someone advertises a vaccinated baby for three weeks, they are lying. If the baby is advertised as a passport, it may be imported.
  • We’ve seen vendors claim to be Kennel Club Registered to deliver authenticity – but be aware of this, ask for the original documents and check with the kennel club before buying puppies. Promises of ‘free insurance’ and ‘dog packs’ do not mean that the ad comes from a legitimate pet owner.
  • If you see a suspicious ad, please report it to us so we can investigate. For more information see our dog trading campaign.

 Finding a good puppy breeder

Our guide can help you find the right breeder advertisement but there is still much you can do to ensure that you do not fund the vicious dog trade and make sure you buy a healthy, happy puppy. Follow our top tips on finding a good dog breeder, which includes questions to ask the breeder of things and things to look for when meeting your puppy.

Can you reuse a mixed dog?

Don’t forget, you can refresh the dog with us. Every year we gather thousands of dogs and each comes with a small, neutral and complete health check. You can even sort the dogs that take care of us by breeding, age and more. Click here to get more information…

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