Eid ul Adha Date

EID AL ADHA 2020 or Bkra EID 2020 is expected to celebrated on Friday, 31 July, 2020. This is the unconfirmed date as the orignal date is contingent on the view of the moon of Hajj 1441, the twelth and final month of Islamic Calendar. Eid al Adha is a traditionally celebrated among MUSLIMS all over the universe in regard of the offering that Prophet Abrahim (A.S.) made out of his powerfull faith in ALLAH..Abrahim (AS) showed a spirit to offering his SON Prophet Ismail (A.S.) but his son was replaced with a lamb by ALLAH.

ALLAH was so kind with Abrahim’s (A.S.) submission to Him that He made this presentation of offering and faith a long lasting part of a MUSLIM,S life. This festival is mentioned in QURAN – SURAH AS-SAFFAT (37:102).Hence, every year on the twelth of Hajj MUSLIMS all over the universe celebrate Eid al Azha. On this day, MUSLIMS slaughter a Lamb, Sheep, Goat or a Camel to tribute the offering of Abrahim

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