Eid Ul Adha Goat Qurbani

By | July 18, 2020

Sacrifice is an obligation commanded to us by Allah (SWT). Therefore, it is very important that we follow the rules and regulations for the distribution of sacrificial meat. Below is a succinct guide to the rules and instruction of Qurbani;

  • Qurbani Dhul-Hijjah should be given on the 10th, 11th and 12th days
  • Sacrifices can be made only after the Eid prayer (Sacrifices made before are not considered Qurbani)
  • Qualified Muslims should offer Qurbani, especially at the age of puberty and possess wealth exceeding the limit of 52.5 tolas silver
  • Animals must meet the minimum age and health requirements for sacrifice
  • Sacrifice sacrifices should be made in three parts – one for you, one for  family or friends and one for a poor family

We provide more detailed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about how Qurbani works.

What is Qurbani?

Qurbani is an every year tradition for Muslims over the world and involves an animal sacrifice in awareness of the Prophet Ibrahim’s own willingness to sacrifice his son for the intention of Allah (SWT). At the last moment, Allah (SWT) replaced Ibrahim’s son with a ram, saving his life and rewarding Ibrahim’s devotion. That is why Muslims pay Qurbani and if they do, we will also help poor families and communities to get their share.

Who should perform the Qurbani?

Every Muslim should make Qurbani. Exceptions are as follows: 52.5 Tolas equivalent of silver or wealth Those who do not have a good mind Those who have not yet reached puberty More than the short distance from the passing and home (approximately 40-45 km) You are allowed to donate the Qurbani on behalf of other people, including the deceased. However, you should not expect sacrificial animals to pay their own share on behalf of your adult children.

At what age is Qurbani Farz?

Whether the Qurbani is obligatory differs between different schools of thought, however, for the good of the less fortunate, the Qurbani should be considered a forgery for those who have reached the age of puberty and whose wealth is more than 52.5 lbs of silver.

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