Eid Ul Adha Recipes

Making unique dishes on Eid-ul-Adha dishes or Bakra Eid dishes is an important appearance of our religion and culture. During the 3 days of Eid anybody prepares traditional and spicy Eid recipes. I tried to compile a list of my favorite Pakistani & Indian Eid-ul-Adha recipes. Eid-ul-Adha is a special day for all Muslims because of the Sunnah-e-Ibrahimi Qurbani.

There are many traditional dishes, cooked these days. We usually make Bakre Ki College (goat liver), sheer khurma, mutton tawa roast and yakni pulav with garlic yoghurt raita for breakfast and lunch on the 1st Eid day. At dinner, we invited our large family and enjoyed a variety of salads and dips with jaggery / yogurt garlic dip, tamarind mint dip, raita, imli jaggery, podina mint jaggery. At BBQ we make BBQ chops, shish kebab, mutton / beef bottles.

On the 2nd and 3rd day of Eid we make biryani, korma, chapli kebab, grilled ribs, fried chops, mutton karahi as well as different fresh fruits and veg salads and convoluted and spicy chantis.

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