Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

You can of course go for costumes that focus on Halloween gore and guts. But this holiday has a more whimsical side. Instead, why not make people (including you!) LOL? After all, Halloween is an opportunity to act stupidly, to step outside of yourself, and to be someone — or something — you are not. And occasionally we can all use a little break from fact. Gest5

 When you’re not sure where to go, you’ll be influenced by characters from film and media, novels, and television shows that you enjoy. But, frankly, anything from your choice of breakfast food (avocado toast, please!) to your favorite pastime (carnival games!) can inspire the one-of-a-kind costume no one else will wear this year. We have some trendy dress ideas, group ideas you can DIY, and clever costumes for yourself, best friend costumes, or Halloween family costumes.

If you don’t feel crafty or have run out of time, don’t worry. We’ve filled you with some awesome outfits that you can order for. It’s all about taking part in the silliness, and how you get there doesn’t really matter — just that you join in the fun! Here are a few stunning ideas for all ages.

Great Costume for Halloween.



Super helper.



Do you remember the chuckle (or groan) that comes with a particularly clever pun? Okay, due to these Halloween costumes you’ll get to be the joke. We have solo pun costumes, costume ideas for partners, and even a handful that can involve the entire party of mates.

 Everything corresponds to punny Halloween masks, whether it’s a traditional idiom or a tongue twister. As you know if you’ve seen one in the past, watching your friends and relatives seek to guess who you’re heading to is the best aspect.

Halloween should be a night full of spooky surprises, freaky frights, and twisted excitement. And while we love the scary costumes * all * absolutely, we do enjoy crushing the mask game is hilariously original, pun-filled get-ups. Try exchanging the “beautiful” look for some much-needed comedy this year. Tap on for 85 of Halloween’s most hysterically absurd costume ideas — assured to help get you the laugh.

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