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A while back on the weblog we talked about Grant’s Farm sorta spooky Halloween nights, a special time to visit St. Louis’ popular farm after dark. We went last week–here’s what to expect! First, it’s aimed at small kids, so warn your older kids that the event is amusing, not scary. I came THIS close to smack a 10-year-old sitting behind me on the tramway  who kept hollering “this ain’t scary mom!” Over. And over. And over. But I don’t whang other people’s children, no issue how much I want too. Gest5

 If you’ve been to Grant’s Farm during the day this summer, there are some variations. Here’s what you can expect:

There will be an on hold to get into the park, but what can you do? It’s a favorite! Plan for a bit of line standing.

Pro photographers have touched their flash and are still working the tram line,

So you can get a pleasant  Halloween photo. If you don’t have time to pick up the pic at the park, you can get it later online. (By the way, if you went before in the summer and got your picture taken…it’s still there. Look it up by date!)

You’ll take the tram through the deer park-like normal,

but now you’ll enjoy the Halloween lights in the trees instead of the animals. The animals are out there, but its, you know…dark. And contempt my suggestion, the farmhands haven’t dressed the deer up for Halloween.

Instead of an animal show in the amphitheater, there’s a magic show.

The performing artists are jolly good and have a snappish show the kids will enjoy. He’ll pull a couple of kids out of the audience to assist with the show.

The carousel is open for business but was beautifully crowded. You can also get a camel ride for $5.

The goats are the simplest animals out at night,

and they are happy to be petted and fed. Go ahead and program on getting a few bowls of milk. (All the other animals, including the horses, are tucked into their stable  at night.)

You can still get a $5 amusing pass, but alternatively of a snow cone, you’ll get a cookie. Get your pass in the candy store, which is open. You’ve been inform –several of the candy is at an end of the year sale!

There are attire characters working in the crowd.

We were recognized by Frankenstein, who wisely reminded Mitch “fire bad”. Mitch didn’t freak out. A vampire was hanging about the turtle’s stump grounds, and I think I saw a witch and a princess unsettled around.

The free sampling  areas are open

I got a Lime-a-Rita at the small pavilion by the eagles. They were handing out beer in the cordial reception room in the beer garden, but Ryan didn’t let me get one since I was driving. (Geez, teenagers!)

You can get dinner from the brat haus,

but it was jolly crowded and tables was meager.

They have a DJ pumping music in the beer garden.

A component part of the courtyard was exculpated for a dance floor, which could explicate the seating trouble. My advice…eat at home, just in case. If you can set a table, have a snack!

The barn (in the beer garden field ) is beaded for Halloween, but not too scary.

Few of the empty stalls and nail rooms are decorated like scenes from scary movies If you don’t want your little one to see it, don’t lift them up to peek over the half-door Ok, this scary clown jack-in-the-box was out in the open, but it didn’t pop…more of a slow rise. Mitch didn’t mind it at all.

Grant’s Farm Halloween nights

quiet left are October 17-19 and 24-26. The hours are 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Gates close at 9 pm.

Please note that Grant’s Farm is simply open on Friday-Saturday-Sunday during the day now that it is fall. Click here for accomplished information on their hours.

 Ticket price for the evening:

$20 per car. And don’t think you’re going to deflect the ticket price if you walk up–they charge $5 per person for walk-ins during the evening only. Don’t worry tightwad, it’s still free if you walk or bike in from Grant’s Trail during the day.

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