Halloween Color Pages

Sharpen your crayons or colouring pens as we have a bunch of unique Halloween colouring pages for kids – from the superior easy ones with big areas to colour and thick lines consummate for toddlers and preschoolers to more detailed one’s kindergarteners and older kids will enjoy.

 I idolised designing each and all of these 20 Halloween colouring pages for kids, from the incipiency artful spider to the cat on a broom. There is an entire variety of them too, so I am sure you will find just the one (or a dozen) for your inevitably and ages of kids.

While few of the colouring pages in this set are acquirable exclusively to our members, few of them are perfectly free for your personal use. We hope you will enjoy them.

Monster Coloring Page.

Halloween is that one day of the year where monsters and graverobber are free to ramble the earth… Well, kids in monster and ghoul costumes are. This small happy monster is aching to be coloured.

Bats Over the Moon.

Are these bats or vampires changed in bats? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, they are outstanding to colour in. Make them black, grey, purple, brown or any some other color really – bats can wear costumes too. Feeling creative? You can make your personal  colouring page like this too,

Happy Ghost.

Wish somebody a Happy Halloween with this coloured colouring page. A happy looking ghost along with a scary-looking haunted tree make an outstanding pair.

Vampire’s face.

This vampire’s face is important for toddlers and preschoolers as it not only big chunky lines and big areas to colour, it’s also a very pleasant, non-scary vampire. Kids will love this one.

Witch’s Boots and Broom.

This one was my choice to draw, I don’t know why, but I beloved it from begin to finish. I think the boots are amazing, but I might be a little bit subjective on the issue. This one is important to use as a gift to friends and family members to wish them a happy Halloween.

The Witch on a Broom.

A classical Halloween scene, a friendly witch flying on her broom over the moon.

 Cat in a Pumpkin.

This cat sure is a mischievous one.

 Cat with a Witches’ Hat.

This one is primed to cast a magical spell.

 Cat on a Witches’ Broom.

If you love cats and witches, you are going to love this Cat Witch colouring page.

Cat Scene.

A fantastic  Halloween themed scene.

 Witch Head.

Another outstanding colouring page for junior kids as it has thick lines and small detail.

 Frankenstein Monster.

A simple one to colour.

 Haunted Scene.

This one is a bit more detailed so older kids will relish it.

 Haunted House

 Can’t have an accumulation of Halloween colouring pages without at least one haunted mansion house.

Jack o Lanterns.

Two jack o lanterns shapely one on top of the another just waiting to be coloured.

 Jack o Lantern.

And a single one with less detail.

 Owl on a tree.

 Owls are a large part of Halloween too, this colouring page features an owl sitting on a tree wearing a witches’ hat.

Cute spider.

I am too afeared of spiders to design a scary one (although I will, when I’ll be drawing a set of spider coloring pages).


A cute little vampire ready to turn into a bat. Cooking up a Magic PotionA witch making her magic potion.

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