Halloween Costumes for Teachers

Teacher Halloween costumes based on book characters.

This year, the dress ideas you’ll find aren’t limited to book fictional character. I picking out the costumes that seem simple to put together because who has time to get their hands soiled  (or glittered?) while conception something expatriate. Fortunately, low-cost and easy does not mean boring! Check it out; Gest5


dress up as a minion is so simple it’s feeling a little like cheating, and the best part is that both male and female teachers can pull it off evenly well. The key pieces of this costume are a gleaming yellow shirt, denim coverall, a yellow beany or hardhat, and goggles. If you have a bit more time in your hands, you can make this hat and goggles or this headpiece for a more authentic look that your students will love!


This one is easiest than the Minion costume: vesture a black jacket (with a silver zip in front if you can find it) or a sweater and black pants. Seal the deal with a stripy gray and black scarf. restorative nose elective.

Mario or Luigi

 Kids still love these classical characters, and you can re-use the costume for years to come. vesture a red or green shirt with overalls affixed with yellow buttons made with cardboard. You can also make this Mario/Luigi hat, or if you don’t have the time, use a basal red or green top. Don both white gloves, and whatever you do, don’t forget your fake mustache.


 Most of the attempt for this lovable costume goes into making a head part. I like this costume because you can just take the hat off (or put the umbrella down) while teaching and have a comfy, non-distracting attire on.


 Be an endearing pineapple by wearing a yellow dress (plainly one a bit longer than the one shown, or with login underneath) and this headpiece you can make with communal household items.


 This one’s as easy as the pineapple costume above. All you need is a red dress which you can modify with white or black seeds made with paper, plus the all-important headpiece that will complete your transmutation .


 This is plausibly the most time-intense costume here, but it’s still simplex –and not to mention classical, fun, and a sure hit with your students. Don’t worry, there’s no need to stitch all those layers of paper to your dress —just use material glue.

Sadness from “Inside Out”

 Get your hands on a blue wigging, a pair of black-rimmed glasses, a gray pullover, and blue leg covering. Face color is optional, but you can go all out if you want!  Here’s a cheat sheet.


 The Joy character from “Inside Out” is also smooth to pull off if have a yellow dress at home and you can get a brief blue wig (lighter than Sadness’).

Frida Kahlo

 You will need a bit of makeup skill to transform into this famous Mexican painter, but apart from that, it’s a low-cost and easy costume to put together. All you need is a flowered dress, a shawl, and a hair ancillary. (The post also has few  other creative last-minute Halloween costume ideas that would be school-appropriate.)

Velma (and the rest of the Scooby Doo gang)

 The fantastical thing about dress up as Velma (or Daphne, Fred, or Shaggy) is that you just necessity to find the right clothes, which are not so hard to find, to begin with. To dress up as Velma, you’ll require an orange turtlenecked, a black orange skirt, knee-high socks, and Loafer. And of course, don’t forget the specs.

Olive Oyl

 Be the apple of Popeye’s eyes by putting up your hair in a high roll, wearying a gleaming red turtleneck, a black skirt, and white socks.

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