Halloween Desktop Background

You know those halloween images that are projected on your smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets in the background. If you’re like most people, you’ll spend quite some time on these devices and it might become too boring to look at one picture for long periods of time.

And how much do your wallpapers change? Do you change it twice a month, three times a month, or many years later? Do you know why improvements to your wallpapers take you a long time? Whatever the reasons, the budget is not going to be one of those. Gest5

The Komando Shop gives you a range of wallpapers, all free! Yeah, you heard me right, they’re safe, just waiting to pick you one that will catch your eye. They’re all available online for you. And better still, whatever size screen you have, there’s a wallpaper to blend in with that.

Nothing says the night Halloween is more than a freaky, stand-alone tree  Even a single leaf to show a certain symbol of life on it. And don’t get me started on the branches’ dark silhouette which depicts the shriveled tentacles of an octopus. For the light fog and the moonlight flickering it gets even more scarce.

This wallpaper suffices to represent Slender Man’s ideal hiding spot. So why not do it. Not only should you be afraid once in a while, but Some of your friends too, particularly if you’ve got a wonderful history of horror movies and a great imagination.

Halloween is not Halloween without the appearance of pumpkins with creepy, carved faces looking at each corner of you. And don’t forget about the lighting that brings out some of the frightening elements in the pumpkins.

The Jack-O-Lantern wallpaper features carved pumpkins with an orange backdrop on top of fall leaves. You have something to freak you out once in a while with the Jack-O-Lantern as your wallpaper and any other person who dares to open up their computer.

If you thought that pumpkins were frightening, wait until they are combined with Ghosts, and you have a mix of killers that scares the wits out of all those that meet them at once.

Try the Spooky Ghost wallpaper with a pumpkin and two ghost figures ready to scare you out of your skin with raised hands. Someone who likes to look at your computer will think twice when this wallpaper comes across.

These are just a couple of the wallpapers for getting your Halloween in order. And yes it’s safe! All you need to do is visit the Komando Store, add your favorite wallpaper to your cart, and complete the checkout process.


The photos can be downloaded in a smartphone, laptop, or computer format. This also has instructions to help you install the background on any computer. And what do you think A list of Halloween’s best wallpapers and backgrounds, available for free download? Halloween is the time of year when almost everyone indulges in things that are spooky or creepy in nature. So it’s the time of year when everybody gets into their gloomy attires and tries to threaten us with their outlooks. And for making the Graver and spookier atmosphere and ambiance, be sure to install these high-resolution wallpapers as your screen backgrounds. This Halloween wallpapers would

certainly further intensify the moods of creepiness. Find out how to change the wallpaper to one of these free Halloween Wallpapers on your machine if you’re not sure how.

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