Halloween Drinking Games

It’s that time of year again, Halloween is fast approach and we’re all thinking of ways to have a good time now that ‘Trick or Treating’ is decidedly off the cards. What best way to have amusing than good old Halloween drinking games? Gest5

 Once nightfall hits then it’s time for few  “other” fun. Who says Halloween is only for kids? Not me, and to show it I’ve made a list of 8 of my popular  Halloween drinking games to try if you’re hosting an occasion or attending one. As ever though, be careful and drink responsibly.

*Bobbing for Liquor:

 Self instructive, Take a large bowl or tub, fill it with apples AND mini liquor bottles, and go bobbing for them.

*Scarey  Movie Drinking Game:

Much like all award show, you play this game by taking a shot or a drink anytime something you guys select happens. Ex: Take a shot every time a victim says “I’ll be right back”. You won’t probably need to pop in a movie, the whole week leading up to Halloween every scarey  movie thinkable will be on basic cable.

*Name That Dead Celebrity:

I never heard of this one but found it with a fast search on google. In this game, you make name tags with dead celebrities on them, put them into a hat and every person draws one and puts it on their back. performers try to guess who you are with “yes” or “no” kind questions such as “am I a man”. Think 21 questions. The participants must take a sip after every 5 questions and then can down the entire thing if they like after getting the answer right. In this Halloween occasion drinking game, players guess the name of the deceased person on a name label on their back. Morose, I know, but an amusing way to break the ice.

*Monster Mash:

 By now every person knows how to count and do basic math (I hope), but not every person knows how to do them with some shots in your system. In this game, performers count off out loud as they got close to, except they must say “monsters” on numbers dividable by 3, and “mash” on numbers dividable by 5. Ex: “one…two…monster…four…mash…monster…seven…” Whoever makes a mistake takes a shot.

*Name That Bone:

This one can get untidy fast. leverage a cheap skeleton (plastic, or cutout), and one by one each participant has to name a particular bone on the body. You’ll want a few mention materials like a general anatomy book or just use google. Every time some person gets it wrong, SHOT.

*Mummy Wrap:

 Here’s a great one that gets everybody participating physically. Divide the group into groups. Using rolls of toilet paper you’ll be wrapping one member as quickly as possible. The fastest group wins, and the others have to down batches of few rather  STRONG Halloween Punch.

*Scary Beer Pong:

 If all else fails and you don’t have a super adventurous group, Beer pong is never a bad idea. Only replace the ping-pong balls with floating eyeballs. You can usually find these at a place like Party City.

*Zombie, Witch, Ghost:

A quick game to get people drinking that involves three actions and optional sound effects of your selections for the three characters: Zombie (arms out in front of you), Witch (pointed hands on top of your head) and Ghost (wavy arms by your part and wriggling and all with apropos noises!). The game master vociferation one, two, three, and on the count of three you become one of the three characters, the character with the most quantity of people performing it loses and has to drink. Repeat often for further inebriation.

*This Is The Witch:

A  good game for any time of year, but peculiarly  appropriate at Halloween:

performer  One: (points at someone) performer  Two this is the Witch.

performer  Two: The What?

performer  One: The Witch.

performer  Two: Ohhh The Witch.

performer  Three this is the Witch.

performer Three: The what?

performer  Two: The what?

performer  One: The Witch performer.

Two: The Witch performer.

 Three: OhhhThe Witch.

performer  Four this is the Witch.

And so on, DRINK! Any person can get called to the game more than once, leading to greatest confusion, gaiety  and, most significantly, drinking-;

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