Halloween Poems for Kids

Spooky Poems For Halloween

Halloween began as a holiday for individualistic who practiced the mysterious. It has since turned into something totally different. Halloween is about the amusing of dressed up and pretence to be somebody else for a night. Trick-or-treating and children gorging themselves on way too overmuch candy. Gest5


 It`s late and we are sleepy,

The air is cold and still.

 Our jack-o-lantern grinning at us.

 Upon the window sill.

 We`re full with cake and candy.

 And we`ve had a heap of amusing,

But now it`s time to go to bed

 And dream of wholly we`ve done.

 We`ll dream of ghosts and hobgoblin

  And of witches that we`ve seen,

 And we`ll dreaming  of trick-or-treating

 On this happy Halloween.


Underneath the lamp post,

 In the central  of the night,

 A ghost bus make a soundless stop,

 A strange and fearful vision.

At the bus upmost  at your corner,

 Something bigger and green climbed down.

 It’s looking at your bedroom,

 And it has searched complete over town.

 You thought it couldn’t find you,

 That you were safe and you were sound.

 You thought that you could shroud,

 Where you never could be found.

 But now it’s almost here,

 You know it loves the darks of night.

There’s simply  one thing you can do,

 Quick! Turn on the light!



 Three little ghostesses

 Sitting on postesses,

 Eating buttered toastesses,

 Greasing their fistesse,

Up to their wristesses,

Oh, what beastesses

 To make such feastesse!


It`s Halloween! It`s Halloween!

 The moon is brimful  and aglow

  And we shall see what can`t be seen

On any another  night:

 Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls,

 Grinning hobgoblin fighting duels,

 Werewolves emerging  from their tombs,

 Witches on their magical brooms.


 The skeletons are out tonight,

they walking  about the street,

 With skeletal  bodies, bony heads,

and skeletal hands and feet.

 Bony bony bony bones,

with nothing in between,

 Up and down and wholly around,

they march on Halloween.


 I’m a tiny  scarecrow,

tired  and worn,

 I wearing a hat,

 And a shirt that’s torn

 When the crows come,

 I move  and shout,

 “Away from my garden-get on out!”

Witch, Witch

Withch witch, where do you fly?

 Under the clouds and over the sky.

 Witch, witch, what do you eat?

 Little black apples from Hurricane Street.

 Witch, witch, what do you drink?

Vinegar and good red ink.

 Witch, witch, where do you sleep?

Up in the clouds where the cushions are cheap.

Did You Know

 Ghosts don’t have shadiness and leave no footprints

 Wear garlic around your neck will keep vampires gone

Shooting a werewolve with a silver bullet is improbable to kill it

 If you stroke a key at a ghost, the ghost will disappear

 If a candle flaming turns blue, it means a ghost is in the house

few people believe that cat bones make you unseeable,


 First, put your clothing on inside out.

 Then walk backswept to where two roads meet.

If you waiting until midnight, you will see a witch!


 The Harvest moon fill up the sky.

 A vicious  witch goes flying by,

 Ghosts and hobgoblin skeleton’s too.

groaning and moaning, waiting for you.

 Black cats bowl the graveyard plots.

 Witches cook in caldron  pots,

 Cemetery ghouls rove the ground.

 Not one sealed  grave is found,

 Tombstones are an eerie vision.

  Shadows dance in brimful  moonlight,

 The haunted house on the Hill.

  Walk in there and you get a chill,

 Jack-o-lanterns eyes so aglow,

  Trick or Treatersscreaming in fright.

 It’s a time like you’ve ne’er  seen,

 Tonight’s the night of Halloween.

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