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Halloween Quiz

Halloween quiz: test your knowledge of scarey  pop acculturation

  From The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror to covert slasher Michael Myers, Halloween has never released its clasp on our imaginativeness. What comes to mind when you turn out the lights? Test yourself now. Gest5

It’s time to find out how much attraction you’ve cashed to the source of Halloween festivity, and the way they have causation famous culture over the years.

 Test yourself with our luckless 13 questions. Will you get a fang-tastic score, or will our quiz exposure  a scary gap in your knowledge?

Q1, If you have a ghoulish fear of Halloween, you sustain from ..?


Q2, Universal Studios was popular for its monster movies in the 1930s. But which of these was released last?

1, Frankenstein, starring Boris Karloff,2. Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi,3. The unseeable  Man, starring Claude Rains,4. The Mummy, starring Boris Karloff.

Q3, When did Starbucks first present the pumpkin spice latte?

1,2001.2, 2003.3, 2005.4, 2007

Q4, There are field of Canada where teenagers are banned from going trick-or-treating: true or false?


Q5, Before the pumpkin became the omnipresent jack-o’-lantern of today, which vegetable was more tralatitious carved?

1, Potato.2, Swede.3, Cabbage.4, Turnip.

Q6, The jack-o’-lantern is said to infer from the legend of Stingy Jack. Who is he expected to have gimmick into paying for his drinks?

1, Satan.2, A local witch.3, A king.4, His brother

Q7, In what year was the first of The Simpsons Halloween special episodes, Treehouse of Horror, broadcast?


Q8, In which town related with Bram Stoker’s Dracula do goths gathering for a weekend near Halloween?

1, Whitstable.2, Witney.3, Whitchurch.4, Whitby.

Q9, Which of these macabre-titled Michael Jackson songs conspicuous his sister, Janet, on duet duties?

1, Thriller.2, Blood on the Dance Floor.3, screaming.4, Ghosts.

Q10, In the 1978 movie Halloween, In folklore, the villain’s trademark occurrence was made by accommodating and painting a $1.98 mask of a popular person. Which person?

1, Jimmy Carter.2, William Shatner.3, Richard Nixon.4, John Lennon

Q11, In 1992, the BBC panicked the British nation with Ghostwatch, a written drama that materialise to be a live transmittance from a haunted house. But which experient broadcaster conferred it alongside Mike Smith and Sarah Greene?

1, Michael Parkinson.2, David Dimbleby.3, Jeremy Paxman.4, John Humphrys.

Q12, Have you ever heard The Monster Mash?

1, Yes. 2, No.

Q13, What is the word Hallowe’en an abbreviation of?

1, Hollows Eve.2, Saints’ Eve.3, All Hallows’ Eve.

Q14, What ancient Celtic festival did Halloween originate from?

1, Winter’s End.2, Autumn’s End.3, Summer’s End

Q15, What would you tralatitious bob for at Halloween parties?

1, Oranges.2, Pumpkins.3, Apples.

Q16, What were Jack O’Lanterns carved from before pumpkins were used?

1, Turnips.2, Parsnips.3, Broccoli.

Q17, When were Halloween greetings cards first made?

1, 1700s.2, 1800s.3, 1900s.

Q18, What is a group of witches called?

1, A cloven.2, A clover.3, A coven.

Q19, Several people averment to be actual vampires: true or false?

1,True.2, False.

Q20, What does the old English word ‘Hallow’ mean?

1, Saint.2, Devil.3, Angel.

Q21, What is the traditional Scots name for Hallowe’en, which derives from the name of Celtic God Samana?

1, Summan.2, Samhain.3, Samson.

Q22, What is the day after Hallowe’en called?

1, All Souls’ Day.2, All Saints’ Day.3, All Sinners’ Day.

Q23, What do pumpkins grow on?

1, Stalks.2, Trees.3, Vines.

 Q24, What was Dr. Frankenstein’s first name?

1, Victor.2, Frank.3, Fred.

Q25, Where do real vampire bats live?

1, North and South America.2, Europe.3, Asia.

Q26, Where did bobbing for apples originate?

1, Ancient Rome.2, Greece.3, Dublin.

Q27, Where does ‘trick-or-treating’ come from?

1, Hunting and preying.2, Souling, and guising.3, Hiding and seeking.

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