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Halloween Radio

Want some spooky songs to get into the spirit of Halloween? Check out the Live365 stations which show just the spookiest tunes below.

They have all the favorites of Halloween, like “Monster Mash,” “Someone’s Watching Me,” “Ghostbusters,” “Dragula,” and “Everyday Is Halloween,” of which the pace decreases the closer it becomes to the big day! Beginning Oct.Cladrite Radio can perform only songs from the 20s, 30s, and 40s for 48 hours on Oct. 30 and 31, which are a little spooky (or at least have spooky titles).

The day and night of Halloween, they’re showing you “Haunted House of Hip Hop,” which of course includes hip-hop, jazz, soul, and reggae along with a spooky theme. Gest5

Trick-or-Treat Radio plays an eclectic music collection that you can listen to throughout the month, day and night, to get into the Halloween spirit. The Apple on Halloween night (10/31) at 8 PM ET and 10 PM ET for special War of the Worlds airings and The Earth Stood Still. From now on through All Hallows’ Eve (31 Oct.), get spooky with a special hand-crafted playlist featuring the most creepy song titles. At 6 p.m. EST on Halloween night (Oct. 31), tuning in for a Crazy Boss Halloween of all your beloved Halloween Boss songs of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, preceded by the Halloween Boss 30.

Can you feel so chilly in the air? It’s the wind of October, ready to take you deep into a realm of spookiness and scares! Here on Halloween Tv, we can’t truly get plenty of the hair-raising phenomenon so we transmit a store of our beloved spooky songs 24/7. Halloween radio.net if you want to create the ideal spooky atmosphere for your Halloween party, or truly can’t wait for the great day to get into the Halloween spirit, pause and open your ears to some crapy classics at any moment. There are loads of songs from the Zombie Mash to Suspense to bring the skeletons up in the wardrobe and move for the whole day. So long as it has a scary twist, we play all sorts of songs, so what are you waiting for- press select, and get ready to scare your socks off.

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