Halloween Stories for Kids


This the season for stories that go hump in the night! Try these not-so-scary stories to creep your kids this Halloween. Halloween is complete about a just bit of scare, right? Well, okay, maybe it’s more about getting plentitude of candy first and then getting set to be seriously spooked. And what best time to have amusing eating candy and weirdy than when camping during the Halloween season? While we are complete about spooky stories that advantage to sleepless nights when you’ve got kids with you, the opportunity is good you aren’t feeling quite as thrilled about the thought of them staying awake every night long, too afeared to sleep. We have done a few research, however, to find you several entertaining stories that will give your kids a bit of a scare, but not have them humorous in true terror.

 So snatch your candy, light a campfire, and get set to scare.


If your kids are fans of pirates, they are going to love this excitable  Dem Bones story. It tells the story of the popular Captain Kidd and his pirates who lay their stolen plunder  off the coast of New Jersey, and the people that witnesser this burial. This story is scary enough to get your small ones looking behind their shoulders, but not sufficient to send them into a frenzy of screaming.


Related to the tale of Cinderella, Cow’s Head begins with a daughter, Oksana, whose father is married to a bad stepmother with an evenly awful daughter. Times get hard, and there isn’t enough money to feed the family of four. The stepmother advises sending Oksana gone to the woods to fend for herself, and her father concur. Oksana is capable to survive on her personal, and one night is awoken by a knock at her compartment door. She opens the door to a spirit — a cow’s head, to be direct. The cow condition hospitality from Oksana, and you’ll have to read the story to find out the residual. There’s a pleasant lesson to be learned here, with a bit of weirdie mixed in.


Looking to regain an excessively creepy story with something a bit more mild? Haunted is the consummate one. This say the story of ghosts who love to cooking and dance the night off. When a family moves into the house, they attempt with these buzzing ghosts and find a blissful way to get rid of the haunts always.


This story gaunt a bit more to the offensive side that won’t make your kids screaming, but will likely give them (okay, maybe just us) goosebump. Yellow Ribbon follows the story of a young couple, Jane and Johnny as they spill in love. But for a few reasons, Jane forever clothing a yellow ribbon around her neck, and forever evades answering why whenever Johnny asks. Finally, their love grows up and they marry and have kids. Jane falls sick and, while on her deathbed, ultimately tells Johnny he can undo the ribbon. What he finds when he does will surprisal the daytime out of you and your kids.


Let your kids be the judge of stimulate this scarecrow was taken by the tempest or ran away on his personal. This one is amusive to tell in the first-person and will keep your kids feeling weirdie after the story is over. But don’t trouble, this isn’t a story they should suffer sleepover.


Though for certain strange, this story is an amusing one that isn’t going to fear your small ones too much. It is about an old woman who finds a hairy toe in the woods close to her home and determines to eat it. Our question, after hearing the story stiff  — why did she eat the toe in the first spot? We don’t have an answer to that but do know that your children will enjoy the phantasy potentiality of this campfire tale.


This curious story of love brings a woman back from the dead, every thanks to her husband’s avarice. Quick and creepy for a moment, but with a cheerful ending, your kids will have entertaining listening to The Lady With the Emerald Ring.


Some other one for the pirate lovers in your team, the Ghost Ship of Captain Sandovate tells the story of a group of sailors who rising, and end up dehydrating their captain to death — they decline to give him the water he needful to survive. Under the pretense of the new captain, a fearful storm took the spot that sunk the ship, and it is said that the ghost ship traveling throughout the Atlantic, its sailors begging for water. This story has few best morals in it, and won’t frighten your kiddos too much.

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