Holidays in Ibiza

Ibiza holidays spell occasion with a capital everything. But there’s many to it than the nightlife. The daytimes open your eyes to chocolate-box locality and picture-perfect villages.

Serene to snappish

Spain’s White Island has a hang of coming up a trumpet for holidaymakers, no issue what sort of break you’re after. At the peaceable end of the scale, you’ve got villa-adorned villages like CalaTarida, where the sundown is eye-popping good. Santa Eulalia’s beach-facing hotels ticking the family holidays box. And San Antonio’s social occasion animal of the Balearic Islands.

 Picture-book environments

Think of Ibiza’s scenery as a melt-in-the-middle dessert. What you see at first glint are the beaches and bars that clingstone to the coastline. But when you get to the center, there’s a surprisal in the shop . Shove the celeb DJs and neon lights out of the way, and the island’s natural side makes a play for your attending. Pine-cloaked countryside, hill-framed lakes, and a pretentious version of monument are all in the offing.

Daytime must-dos

There is a plentitude of ways to fill your days in Ibiza. Head to one of the popular hippie markets for a gander at retroactive jewelry, color-splashed vesture, and make-your-own souvenir stable. Es Cana’s a great place to start for beginners. If you’d instead stick to the white-sand edge, there are beach bars and restaurants by the barrel-load. Families, meantime rave in an antithetic fashion about CalaLlonga’s Blue Flag waterfront.



Although it’s Ibiza’s symptom scene that earns it tubing inches, this island is beautifully impressive on the beachfront, too. The sands come fleecy and white here, and when it comes to picking a place to park your beach towel you can select between huge, super-stylish expanse and dinkey coves half-hidden by pine trees.


Ibiza’s headline enactment is Playa d’enBossa. measurement up at two kilometers, it’s the island’s extended beach. The white sands are premier tanning turf, and the shoaly waters are just the ticket for pint-sized canoeists. There are loads of cafés and eating places lining the sand, as well as bass-pumping beach bars for those who like to sustenance the party going.


If privy sands are more your thing, make itinerary forCalaXarraca. This little cove is up in the north of the island and is home to a concealed grotto. It’s also popular with snorkellers, thanks to its gin-clear waters. And disdain its small size, there’s plentitude of room to spread out – the only people you’ll be joining the sands with are a smattering of locals.


You’ll find dreadlocked hipsters lining up alongside locals at Ibiza’s biggest hippie market. It’s in Es Cana on Wednesdays, and stable heave with the likes of jewelry, leather, and ceramic ware. For something more low-key, head to the Thursday grocery store in San Miguel village, a five-minute drive from Puerto San Miguel. The cubicle here sells everything from local honey to hand-crafted soap.


In Figueretas, you’ll find big-name brands jostle for position, and football fans will be right at home thanks to the FC Barcelona formal Store. Over in San Antonio’s town center, meanwhile, you’ll find boutiques chock-full of clubbing gear – the Pacha shop is one of the biggies.


This is breakfast the Ibizan way. A large chunk of rustic bread is whacked on the grille and toasted until it’s golden brown. It’s then rubbed with few salts and the inside of a tomato, to give it just a touch of flavor. A benevolent glug of olive oil rounds everything off dainty.


This tipped-and-tossed innovation is made up of potatoes, boiled eggs, peppers, tomatoes, and onions, teamed with slices of dried fish. Literally meaning ‘barbarian salad’, it heralds back to the days when most of the grouping made a living from fishing and harvest home vegetables.

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