Holidays in Vietnam

The climate in Vietnam is as varied as its geography. The best time to visit Hanoi and Halong Bay in spring and autumn, which get hot and humid in the summer. During the winter,  heat fall to freezing in the far north and the Central Highlands, but spring and autumn promise moderate temperatures with tiny rain. In Hue, Danang, and Hoi An, the spring and early summer months are usually warm and dry before the rains start in August. The beaches on the South coast are warm all year round.

Vietnam ‘s thin mid-section extending from the southern edge of the Red River Delta all the way down to Ho Chi Minh City is home to some of its most noteworthy attractions.

Highlights include Hue, the imperial city ‘s stunning citadel; Danang, a fast-developing beach destination; and Hoi An, an ancient city built around a criss-cross of canals and waterways. Nha Trang is the best destination for high-octane beach life in stunning surroundings in the eastern edge of Vietnam’s s-shaped bulge.

Vietnam holidays relate to a sensory overload of wide-awake towns, buzzing beaches, and soaring mountains.

Kaleidoscopic landscapes

Vietnam is a country of contrasts, as is its sweet-and-sour cuisine. This narrow South-East Asian slither stretches from north China to south Thailand. And that is a little natural beauty.

The dramatic landscapes are a medley of vertigo-inducing mountains, powdery beaches, and bright-green rice fields.

The north view filled up

The big-name is the colonial capital, Hanoi, in northern Vietnam. This place, though more laidback than its big sister, Ho Chi Minh City, will not go down quietly. Its DNA is a mixture of Asia and France so with a lively old quarter, it has a European feeling.

 This, however, is not the only draw. Also high on the list are trips to other-worldly villages such as Sapa and the world-famous Halong Bay.

The sun-kissed south

Much of Southern Vietnam is dream beach land, from one picture-perfect scene to the next. For example, take Phu Quoc Island – this well-kept secret is home to so fine sands and so clear waters that it matches its Thai equivalents with ease.

And when it comes to bright lights, Ho Chi Minh City is all about that. This chaotic town is full of cloud-high skyscapes, timeless markets, and mesmerizing traffic.

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