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Experience Northern Cyprus holidays in an unequaled way
Northern Cyprus is a land where nature, history, and modern life blending together, each complementing and enhancing the value of the other. It offers so many rewardable experiences to visitant. Whether for sun and sand, the civilization and history, adventure or golf, or scuba diving for botany and fauna, the island has the most attractively versatile possibility of opportunities that visitors can imagine. North Cyprus’ diverseness of experiences provides the eventual charm of this beauteous island.
There are some outstanding opportunities for Northern Cyprus walking holidays, especially with the hardy Kyrenia mountain range so adjacent to hand. Walking is a pleasure and there is a plenitude of walking trails in the Kyrenia natural elevation, or the 5-Finger mountains as they are oft called. The term 5-Fingers comes from the form of one particular mountain extremum just to the east of Kyrenia. In fact, there is an orbicular walk around this mountain which takes about 2 hours 30 minutes.
Historic buffs will head to Northern Cyprus just to visit the antediluvian site of Salamis, the very sizeable and most important site on the island. In terms of mythology, Salamis was supported around 1100 BC by Teucer on his return from the Trojan Wars. There is no clear certify to support this myth but it is surely reasonable that Salamis was founded in the first half of the 11 C BC and evidence declare it was a settlement of urban lineament. Salamis begin to appear in records historical records towards the end of the 8th century BC.
No holidays in Northern Cyprus are absolute without visiting a great castle. There are four to select from, St Hilarion, Buffavento, Kantara and the Kyrenia harbor castle. The 2 most visited are the easily accessible mansion in Kyrenia and the fairy-tale castle of St Hilarion. Just the position of St Hilarionspiralling up the mountain peak is exciting and persuades many that it glorious Walt Disney. Buffavento is challenging to reach and requires at least 30 minutes rising on foot so it is perchance the last meeting. It is a great challenge and 1 of the wages for the effort is dramatic views of the Kyrenia mountain reach.
Religious tourism is not something directly associated with North Cyprus but there are a number of all-important religious sites that Christians are delighted to meet. There are 3 sites especially important to the Christian faith, the religious residence of St Barnabas near Salamis, the church of St Andreas at the ending of the Karpaz peninsula, and the Monastery of St Mamas in Guzelyurt.
The Karpaz peninsula or the geographical area as it is sometimes called after its form on the map remains one of the most unspoiled areas in Cyprus. It is a distant corner of the island dominated by the scenery of rolling hills, wheat fields, root vegetables, tobacco, fruit trees, olive, carob bean, and wild donkeys but adorned with the most beauteous sandy beaches on the island. There is a residential area too but none of any large size..’

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