Jet2 Holidays Benidorm

Jet2 Holidays in the center of Benidorm on huge beaches and nightlife stay-up. However, with a cobbled old town and trips to Alicante, you won’t miss out on traditional Spanish flavor.

A vacation city with a surprise up its sleeve

Benidorm is a bubbly seaside resort in the center of the eastern coast of Spain which is frequently dubbed the Costa Blanca. And this place couldn’t have become for anything one of Spain’s holiday behemoths.

This city likes to flaunt its best assets – sandy beaches and fun-packed nights – but it also has a different side. In fact, Benidorm goes all the way back to 1325, so the twisting, cobbled old town and the Baroque domed church are as authentic as it comes.

A Trio of the Blue Flag

The largest draw of all is the three beaches of Benidorm along the Costa Blanca. Levante is a very lively number in the city center, with an engaged promenade and jet-skis lined up on the sand for business.

Poniente is a little more comfortable, to the west. And Malpas is the hideaway sunbathing spot, a small stripe of sand screened from the street by rocks.

Tapas and Homenaje bands

Benidorm gets into its own after dark. Tapas places fill the air with the wind of sizzling chorizo in the old town, while the region of Levante plays host to comedians, tribute bands, and the occasional drag queen.

And the late-night bars take their sport, country & western, and karaoke themes from all over the resort.

Close to Alicante

A 40-minute drive through the mountains will take you to classy Alicante, as well as being within a day-tripping distance to Valencia.

The itinerary here includes a chic marina, museums, and a medieval castle-and even the town hall is worth a look for its St John the Baptist Dalí sculpture.

Meanwhile, the side streets are joining sun-drenched plazas with small cafés and upmarket shops.

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