Kids Halloween Jokes

Look no further if you’re hoping for some nice Halloween comedy. Here you can find 25 amusing Children’s Halloween stories.

Ideal for nursery and elementary-age students, you’ll find these jokes. Teachers will discuss this in the classroom with their pupils. Children will discuss this with teachers or peers.

Best Halloween Jokes for Children:

  1. What creature is playing Halloween tricks?

Prank-enstein on this!

  1. What will a witch’s favorite in school be?


  1. Why not head to school with the skeleton?

And it did not have his heart in it.

  1. Why did she head to the changing room as the werewolf noticed the Full Moon?

As she wanted to shift she went to the changing room.

  1. What does Frankenstein tell in waking from his nap?

“I have had a terrible experience!

  1. What did the witch think as she stared at her reflection in the mirror? “It’s time to transform the screen over!
  2. What do first thing ghosts do when they get into a car?

Boo-kle spirits of strong seatbelts!

  1. Why can mummies recruit the best?

Since they get caught up absolutely in their jobs!

  1. Can you call mum’s favorite music?

Lock the music around!

  1. What dog looks like the best vampires do?


  1. Why does it feel to see a vampire kissed?

It’s a painful leg!

  1. What would you term a fully working skeleton?

You lazybones!

  1. Why was there little left to consume after the beast party?

And everyone was a goblin at the monster game!

  1. What story style often starts with an “On a dim, stormy, and mysterious night? It’s still a bedtime tale involving a witch!
  2. How many filthy snow creatures does it take to plug through a light bulb?

Only one, but first, you have to believe in that!

  1. Why the Dracula made the pancake so terrible?

Since Dracula is the Batter!

  1. What is a ghost’s favorite drink?

It is the aid of Ghoul!

  1. What sort of hair do witches put on?


  1. What will a ghost’s dream dessert be?

I shriek!

  1. What is the name granted when a ghost is trapped in a fog?

He’s a dunghill!

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