May Holidays

May Holidays including Labour Day Celebrating worker successes is an annual holiday. Labor Day has its roots in the trade union movement, the eight-hour day movement in particular, which promoted eight hours of work, eight hours of leisure, and eight hours of rest.

Labor Day is synonymous with or related to, the International Workers’ Day that takes place on 1 May for most countries.   Labor Day is observed on a separate date for other nations, often one with particular significance for the labor movement of that country. For many nations, Labor Day is a national holiday.

Starting in the late 19th century, as the trade union and labor movements rose, trade unionists suggested setting aside a day to celebrate labor. The Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor sponsored “Labor Day,” which coordinated the first parade in New York City.

In 1887, Oregon was the 1st state of the United States to do it an official public holiday of May. By the time it turns an official national holiday in 1894, 30 states in the United States officially celebrated Labor Day in May.

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