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Pefkos Holidays

Pefkos holidays 2020

 A setback former fishing village on the Eastern coast of Rhodes, Pefkos capsulizes everything about a pleasant Greek island holiday. Taking its name from the pine trees that surround it, the town looks out over the profound blue Aegean Sea with peaceful sandy beaches, stony coves, and whitewashed buildings. As you can ideate, the weather here is perfect entirely summer long, the food always crisp and ouzo e’er  flowing. For that easy and laid back Greek island adventure, it has to be one of our inexpensive holidays in Pefkos.

Top attractions

 Top attracter Whilst the overall vibration is pretty chilled, there’s plentitude of stuff to see and do in Pefkos. Try windsurfing at the Blue Flag-rated Pefkos Beach, a meeting to the individual Acropolis in nearby Lindos, or a glass-bottomed boat journey along the beauteous coastline. If you want to venture further afield then the old town of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage track, is where the temples of Zeus, Athena, and Apollo can be found. Or if rambling through quiet and pleasing streets is your thing then Pefkos’ local craft store specializes in homemade lace, ceramics, and jewelry. And for the perfect ending to any Pefkos holiday, be certain to pick up a bottle of Koriantolino to take home, the region’s manner drink made from ouzo, flavoring, and a flower that grows only on Rhodes.


BeachesPefkos’ curving and the sandy beach stretches the length of the town and the compact wood of pine trees that surrounds it gives an added aura of quiet and serenity. At one end can be found some secluded stony coves, perfect for swimming adventures, whilst water sports individuals will find plenty to keep them busy as the beach is famous for both windsurfing and kite-surfing. The water is quartz clear, the ideal setting for schnorkel.

Eating out

 Eating out When you think of Greek cuisine you credibly think of mezze platters and ouzo. The culinary occurrence afforded by holidays in Pefkos is that and so much more. The town is home to many family-run restaurants portion up traditional local food and drink. For a lusty dinner dish, try a place of lamb kleftiko, beef stifado, or moussaka. The seafood here is astounding too and you should give the delicious local dainty, squid risotto, ago. And then there’s plentitude of feta cheese, stuffed vine leaves and broiled vegetables to be enjoyed in groups over a glass or 2 of Greek island liqueur in the warmed Pefkos outdoors.

Family holidays

 Family holidays Families are well catered for in Pefkos. Grab ingredients for a picnic which you can enjoy under the shade of the pine trees, then hit the beach for a place of sunbathing and relaxing, or go swimming in the quiet and gentle waters that are ideal for children. They’ll love the adventure render by a glass-bottomed boat journey, having a supervised ride on a jet ski or exploring the stony coves at the far end of the beach A trip taken by hire car across the island’s rugged landscape is a fun way to spend a day of your Pefkos holiday too.

Couples holidays

Couples holidays The area’s sheer idyllic smasher and calming nature is intellect enough for couples to fall in love with a Pefkos holiday, however, there is plentitude of other reasons why the area is best for a trip for two. Imagine the condition of a sunset seafood dinner outside on a terrasse as live traditional music plays, the views well-lighted by a brilliant sunset. Think of the afternoon walks through the peaceful town, floating on the sea, or taking a drive along the jolly coast, and you’ll begin to understand why holidays in Pefkos are so famous for couples.

Action & Adventure

 Action & Adventure There’s only one spot to start as far as action and adventure are obsessed and that’s with water sports. Experience the excitement of cutting across the waves on a jet ski, or impression the wind in your hair while kite-surfing. Or the Lepiadiving center offering diving experiences for initiate and experts alike. You’ll see plentitude of weird and wonderful vision below the surface. There’s also a spot called Flyer’s Bar where, after you’ve to relish some wonderful food, you can ask to take a journey in their light aircraft! It’s the best way to see Pefkos and the surrounding environment from the air.

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