Preschool Halloween Games

All the preschool children’s Halloween Party games described below:

Feeling the Halloween Box

This gross game is always a popular game for kids at the Halloween party! Make boxes with slimy food and household items and make the children feel through the box. Gest5


This Halloween party activity for kids is not just what they will be doing but what they should not do.

Pumpkin Patch Hunting Game for Halloween

A fun party game for kids on Halloween where they’re looking for mini or plastic pumpkins hidden around the house or classroom.

Freeze Dance Monster

Put on some Halloween tunes and have the kids boogie until they have to freeze the music stops. Kids are eliminated for not freezing and the winner is the last monster standing.

Old Race Costume Relais

In this enjoyable and frenetic Halloween party game for adults, let kids take turns putting on and taking off old Halloween costumes.

Wrap your mom

During this task, children work together to surround a classmate with toilet paper or crepe paper. See other activity for kids on Halloween party like Trick-or-Treat Memories Activity here.

Pass it on the story of the ghost

In this spooky Halloween Party game for youth, say ghost tales in a round-robin format. You can still use the candles but without them, the game works equally well.

Candy Corn Relais

A friendly Party game for Halloween USA kids of all ages! Children race from one bowl to another to take scoops of candy corn. They can’t help just using their hands.

Wiggle the Worm

This is a party game from Halloween 2020 that will get children moving! Children from a “web” and then sprint from one position to another, attempting to hold the web intact.

Crazy dogs

This fast-paced Halloween Party game for kids is based on a fun relay race. The kid’s race in teams dressing up a scarecrow-one clothing article at a time.

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