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Halloween is a perfect platform for entertainment, imagination, and speech of oneself. Every year people create costumes that threaten us, make us laugh, and impress us with their craftsmanship and creativity. Being one of the world’s 50 biggest platforms, Reddit has been the online de-facto location to post the best Halloween costumes for men. Underneath you can notice 25 personal preferences of the Sifter. Gest5

You can select each picture (or the text link below each picture) to be brought to the original post where you can find more detail regarding each costume (along with some funny commentary). Much of the meme/web entertainment websites are only a day-old Reddit and we are super serious about that in this article. These are the best dresses from Halloween. Reddit has some of the most talented users on the site, and possibly around the world, and these are the costumes that the great users at /r / pics and /r / Halloween had to show. You’ll see online, from the funniest Halloween costumes to the finest, biggest Halloween costumes that actually took months to make.

These are the best costumes from Halloween that Reddit group sent. William of Ockham never had to struggle to pull together a wickedly clever getup he could wear at his local pub every Oct. 31 for the Party Like It’s 1299 masquerade. If he had, perhaps the Franciscan friar would have made Occam’s Razor — his philosophical tenant, who proclaims the simplest solutions are often the best — around the idea of costumes from Halloween.

Often what you need is a car air filter and a vibrant imagination to build a look that is all the talk at the All Hallow ‘s Eve soirée of your neighbor. Some Reddit users have adopted this idea for Halloween costumes and they have posted the proof, luckily, too. Here are 8 simple-and-simple costumes for transforming wearers into Hallowinners, not Hallowieners. Also used that idea of 3D printers: Just because you’ve got access to one doesn’t mean you need to use it for a Halloween costume.

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