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As a veterinarian, I am always looking for products that can improve cat health and cat care. Unfortunately, veterinary medicine is not about performing well-care tests and giving vaccines to healthy young cats. Most of the time, more than half of my appointments are spent on recommending and treating cats with serious cat health conditions, from cat food to kidney disease to urine problems to cat diabetes.

I have always believed that eating too much food can play a huge role in the fight for longevity, health, and full recovery in cats with these cat patients, so it has always been a proven dietary supplement to help maintain and treat these cases. After all these years of practice, I have finally found a pet company that has shared my belief that cat food should be not just about cat food, but it should be about cat NURTURE. Finding cat food in the Royal Canin is one of the best things that has happened to me professionally.

Why do I recommend Royal Canin cat food?

To put it simply, Royal Canin’s food service is among the highest quality I have ever seen, and I have really transformed the animal care that I can offer my clients and their favorite ways. I would say, of course, that Royal Canin labeled foods have saved many lives. I have many amazing stories to tell, but take, for example, one of my chronic kidney disease patients. Aurora was diagnosed with kidney failure more than a year ago at the age of 14. When he got on that first sick trip, I honestly thought he probably wouldn’t have a few more weeks to live. His weight had dropped, down significantly from his healthy weight of 9-10 pounds. It took hard work to get her settled. She had been on IV flu for three days because of her severe kidney failure and showed nothing better.

However, her mother wanted to try her best, so we also did another 3 days for IV fluids, but her kidneys were not working properly. Her condition had worsened and she had progressed very slowly after the end of her 6 days of fluid therapy. However, her mother was not ready to give up, even though I had told her that, even with the proper treatment of fluids, written foods, and cat medicine, she might not have more weeks left. We exclude Aurora from most cat products of her kidney, cat food provided for kidney disease, and strict instructions to treat daily fluids. Aurora’s mother was so eager to save her kitty that we knew we had to use every option while we were trying to figure out if there was any life left.

 As the weeks went by, Aurora calmed down somewhat, but I never ceased to be surprised every time her mother took her to the hospital doors. His condition remained poor, and his weight loses 7 pounds. I was waiting for that sad day to call. Somehow, in what can be described as a miracle of newness, Aurora continued to stay there for several months. Maybe it was her mother’s love, maybe it was her fight, but even so, it seemed strange, especially considering how bad her kidney function tests were.

When I decided to switch to a Royal Canin diet, Aurora was among the first to switch to a new product, mainly because she was always a smart eater, and was not a huge fan of the doctor’s current diet. I started a dry Aurora and in the Renal LP building, hoping she wouldn’t eat anymore, but maybe the best ingredients in this cat diet will help her recover. To make the long story short, when Aurora started eating the Royal Canin Renal LP diet, she started with the development. His ability to get a better life seems limitless.

 Royal Canin Renal Cat Food

If your cat has recently been diagnosed with kidney disease, you will be concerned that you know what steps you can take to improve or maintain your cat’s health. Providing nutritious food specifically for kidney disease is the easiest way, as an owner, to make a positive impact on your cat’s health. We have a number of healthy cat foods that can help your cat feel better. Below is a list of cat food products recommended for kidney disease.

Choosing the right diet for your cat for kidney disease Cat Layout Cats with renal failure are prone to aging and are prone to mouth pain and reduced intake; Therefore, a very good diet is important. It’s easy to be denied a kidney care diet, but keep in mind the most important ways to eat healthy for your cat to eat! When recommending your cat a special diet it is important to note that some animals will show that they prefer one type over another. If the first kidney meal that supplies your cat is not met with enthusiasm, do not give up, talk to your doctor about which other appropriate products. This diet is designed to keep the mind active; it is possible that your cat would like one of the available options.

 Royal Canin Renal Adult Dry Cat Food

The Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Renal RF 23 is a holistic diet for adult cats who suffer from renal failure, it is specially designed to appeal to the one who is eating the most unpleasant joint. How it works The Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Renal RF 23 uses a variety of animal protein sources and a wide selection of fun profiles designed to excite your cat especially. Several flavors and textures help make the medicine suitable for cats of various shapes. If your cat has trouble chewing, for example, he may choose a recipe with a soft seam. This large amount of nutrients also helps support a balanced digestive system as attractive formulas encourage your pet to eat a range of foods despite their appetite.

Renal deficiency is often associated with phosphorous retention, which can lead to glandular hyperparathyroidism. Low levels of phosphorus in this recipe help to support normal kidney function. You may also find that kidney failure limits your cat’s blood pressure. This diet is combined with long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that can counteract this decline and restore some kidney functions. It is also paired with Royal Canin’s which has a sophisticated patent for anti-oxidants, which can help dissolve free radicals, help support the whole immune system, and maintain DNA cells.

The main benefits of an increase in the intensity of keeping your cat eating it maintain your cat’s nutrition through a diverse profile it reduces the penetration of influence helps restore the kidney’s ability to filter blood. When to use it Kidney failure often causes cats to lose their appetite and can be accompanied by severe symptoms including vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea. In some cases, your cat can be very anorexic. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Renal RF 23 is a complete diet and is often used immediately after diagnosis to enhance your cat’s appetite and restore their appetite. Because animal diets are made from a healthy diet of pets with certain clinical conditions, we recommend using them only under professional advice.

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