Story Behind Eid Ul Adha

Sacrifice of Ibrahim

One night Ibrahim (AS) had a fantasy in which Allah (SWT) told him to sacrifice his admired son Ismail (AS). At first, Ibrahim (AS) believed it was a ghost playing on him and he ignored it immediately. However, the next night, the same dream commanded him to do the same again. Ibrahim (AS) then realized that this was untrue and was in fact a message from Allah (SWT). Ibrahim (AS) fell in love with his son Ismail (AS). Yet he was fully prepared to follow the command of Allah (SWT) and do as He indicated. He took his son to the summit of Mount Arafat and brought with him a sword and a rope. After reaching the appropriate place, he told his son about his dream and what Allah (SWT) had commanded him to do.

Being an obedient son, Prophet Ismail (AS) immediately obeyed the wishes of Allah (SWT) and his father, and asked him to tie his hands and feet so that he would not suffer and his father would take care not to blindfold himself. He must testify that he is sad. Ibrahim (AS) did as Ismail (AS) said. Blindfolded and with a sword in his hand, he did as Allah (SWT) asked him to do. When he was blindfolded, to his surprise, he saw Ram’s dead body in front of him. Ismail (AS) stood next to him and was completely safe. At first, he thought that something terribly wrong had happened and that he had defied the order of his Creator. However, a voice was heard telling him that Allah (SWT) would take care of his followers and that he need not worry. A divine miracle happened. Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS) passed the difficult test from Allah (SWT).

The Bakra Qurbani is being performed today Since then, each year, throughout the month of Dhul Hijjah, the last month of the holy calendar, Muslims over the world perform the Qurbani to immortalize what Ibrahim (AS) did.We use His document to inspire devotion, obedience and dedication in our lives. Muslims sacrifice animals (goat, cow or camel) using special rules and practices to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). So, the Qurbani is a lesson in obedience and offering to Muslims. We must obey the command of Allah (SWT) without pausing. He forbade all Muslims to perform Salat, perform Sam, pay Zakat and perform Hajj pilgrimages. May Allah (SWT) help us to maintain Ibrahim’s zeros year after year and year after year. Amin.

Due to the firm faith of both the father and the son, a Ram and his life were saved by Allah (SWT) in place of Ismail (AS). In this story, we must remember that Eid ul-Adha is not just a celebration, but one of the greatest sacrifices made in history. Every year when we remember the story of the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and when we remember the obedience, devotion and offerings he showed on that fateful day on the mountain, we should do something about the importance of the Bakra Qurbani celebrations and what we are doing.

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