Tameside School Holidays

Want to keep your children engaged and amused during school vacations? Join our Fun Vacation Camps! Your kids should stay healthy, have fun, and make friends with a wide variety of activities – from multi-sport and basketball to arts and crafts and cycling.

Great for children aged 6-13 and based in different Active Tameside centers you’ll find it easy to select a convenient Active School Holiday Camp for you. These classes are all run by trained and professional coaches, and the Active Holiday Camp coaches are licensed with Ofsted so you know that when they attend one of the four Active Holiday Camps in Active Tameside, your children will receive high-quality coaching and care.

We also run our Little Camps for younger children, the ideal way of keeping the little one busy and amused. Such camps last for just two hours and are also a fantastic way for children aged 3-6 to learn new athletic abilities and social abilities while trying out a multi-sport experience tailored to our generation. Such sessions are very popular with parents and children alike, operating at Active Copley.

It’s not just our passion to get children active; it’s something we’re great at too. We give kids the chance to try new activities, have fun, and really make the most of the school holidays. You can rely on Active Tameside to deliver a fun, optimistic, and healthy service.

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