Top Halloween Songs

The spookiest time of the year is almost here — which means it’s time to monster bash your Halloween party to its finest ever! You might already have started brewing a few festive cocktails, setting up some creative Halloween games, and setting up the best Halloween party snacks, but to really set the vibe, you’ll obviously need a goblin-approved playlist as well. Gest5

Thankfully for you, we’ve picked 45 of Halloween’s best songs, spanning from your beloved movie soundtracks to the spookiest radio classics, so you can launch the party with the eeriest, bone-chilling tunes.

If it’s about zombies, witches, or monsters, both of these crowd-pleasers stay on the (eerie) track. A blend of dance-friendly hits from the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga plus oldies-but-goodies from Van Halen, Stevie Wonder, and David Bowie should have you busting out all night at your spooky party.

Using your Prime account to build these tracks on YouTube or download them from Amazon Music-we have all choices below for the best DJ job ever. Just take note: Some of these songs have explicit lyrics, so maybe save them for your adult group and pick a playlist that’s more child-friendly to enjoy with the family.

Love songs – and the unavoidable breakup songs – aren’t impossible to locate, but Halloween’s ever-elusive, seasonally-on-the-nose songs do merit some attention.

There’s a fairly large market of Halloween-ready jams from the incredibly explicit Rob Zombie track fitting to his iconic blood-heavy slasher flicks to the wholesome, PG-13 Beck-song about scarecrows. If you’re fine with any blood or get forward as the 31st reaches to a family-friendly catsuit, here are our best choices for your Halloween party playlist.

The 15 Music from Halloween

“Halloween” — Danny Elfman. …

“Towards the Inferno”-AC / DC. …

“Don’t Fear Reaper”-Cult of the Blue Oysters. …

Radiohead-” Creep. …

Stevie Wonder-” Superstition.

“The London Werewolves”-Warren Zevon. …

“Dealing with the Lord”-Wicked song. …

“Ghosts”-Ray Parker, Jr.

It charted at number two on the Billboard Hot Digital Singles Chart and stayed for three straight weeks in the top ten rankings. “Thriller” won a Grammy Honor. This is also quoted as a staple in modern culture and as an emblem to Halloween.

The mood is more about Halloween. Chilly wind in the evening? Check. Check. Social culture-savvy, carefully designed costumes? Check. Check. Finger sandwiches that look like fingers, well? Yup …… yup. A playlist full of scary songs will be the final touch to your spooky party.

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